UTV Suspension & Shock Service

Ace Motorsports is proud to offer its suspension services and shock rebuilding for the UTV Market.

We take your feedback and what you expect out of suspension and put it into a service package to meet that demand. Not everyone needs every upgrade, or just needs valving, or even just springs. Do you want to make your UTV perform the way it ought to be? Are you looking for a reliable service provider that will offer the best UTV suspension products and services in order to meet your unique needs?

Welcome to Ace Motorsports suspension where your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We pride in our commitment to bringing top quality suspension shocks to every UTV owner. With UTV shocks that exceed OE specifications, you can count on our wide range of suspensions to not only meet but exceed your needs and expectations.

Shock Rebuilds And Service

Suspension not feeling right? Have lots of hours, or showing signs of leaks? Chances are you are in need of a rebuild. From its first use, Suspension degrades over time, from heat, wear, and debris. It is recommended that the average UTV should have its suspension serviced every 30-40 hours. Owners often don’t realize how much has changed as they get use to the small changes ride to ride.

Ace Motorsports offers a complete service of your shock, replacing worn seals and bands with new OEM parts, as well as upgrade the stock oil to get more life out of the suspension. Our trained technicians tear your suspension complete apart, clean, and inspect each part for potential deformation & damages.

We offer Spring Kits

This Upgrade is the best starting point to upgrade stock suspension.adds crossover rings to your shocks as well as replaces the necessary stock springs.

  • True, Dual rate setup that is tunable to your driving environment. Our crossover is motocross inspired, making installation and on the fly adjustments easy
    • greatly improves the ride of the UTV, making it plush, and stiff only when you need it. By adding and setting the crossover, you greatly reduce body roll and nose diving.
    • Ability to set up the car for a variety of terrain.
    Get big performance gain with low wallet impact. Stock, your vehicle is typically riding on a collapsed tender spring leading to stiff/poor performance. The Budget spring kits add crossover rings to your shocks, and replaces the tender springs. Improving overall suspension performance by creating a dual rate system, and utilizing the tender how it should.

We offer Custom shock valving and Tuning

Stage 3 Upgrade replaces the stock valving found in the UTV shock, replacing the piston and stock shim spec that is one size fits all, with an upgraded piston and customized valve spec that is better suited for performance.

  • Upgraded DLC coated Piston & improved valving spec
    • Addresses the needs of the environment and drivers abilities, making the vehicle more responsive
    • Valving can be addressed for many applications, from desert, to trails, to racing
    • we use our Premium oils for all services to get the best performance and greatly improve the life of your suspension
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